Recap: Oregon Just Transition Assembly


What happened last weekend at the Oregon Just Transition Assembly was absolutely mind-blowing.

Participants gather at the Oregon Just Transition Assembly

Over the course of four days, more than 250 community members from across the state built power for a Just Transition. Breakout groups examined the three gglobal crises: empire, economic and ecological. Sessions on Housing Rights and Workers’ Rights, Environmental and Climate Justice and False Solutions, and Combatting White Supremacy gave participants a chance to examine the major problems facing our time. Through hours and hours of issue-specific and broad-based analysis, participants began the process of identifying the priority campaigns of the coming years.

We are working to prepare a full summary of the Assembly, which will include action items and next steps on a variety of issues. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but the visions of frontline communities are earth-shaking. We’re talking openly about revolutionary new policies around housing, transportation, energy, food, finance, and more. But right now, the leadership and membership of the Oregon Just Transition Alliance has some internal work to do. We will present in the coming months our documentation of the weekend, which we intend to reveal priorities and make a big impact in the state for years to come.

In the mean time, prepare to be amazed, and check out media from the event. This page will be updated as new media is added.


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Photo Collections:
Joel Rubinstein – Invest in our Power, Friday September 1st
Joel Rubinstein – Roots, Rhythm, Revolution, Saturday September 4th
Joel Rubinstein – Build The New Sunday September 3rd

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