From Hate to Hope Webinar Recap

From Hate to Hope Recap

The Oregon Just Transition Alliance would like to thank the Energy Democracy Tour Network and Reyna Lopez of Pineros Y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN) and Khanh Pham of Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) for taking the time to speak with María Hernández Segoviano of OPAL on the Just Transition strategies they are currently utilizing to end the bad and build the new in Oregon. Each of these organizations is working to Change the Rules here in Oregon. Each organization is involved organizing across the state against Measure 105, appearing on the November ballot, , and APANO and OPAL are on the steering committee guiding the Portland Clean Energy Initiative (PCEI) at the local level in Portland.

“We defend the right for people to migrate, but we also defend the right for people to stay in the places they’ve been in for generations,” said Reyna Lopez. Measure 105 is an attack on our immigrant communities, which is why PCUN and many other organizations across the state have been mobilizing voters to vote NO on Measure 105, as it threatens the livelihoods of our communities. The measure will make racial profiling legal in Oregon, and allow for the militarization of all of our communities, regardless of documentation status, across the state. Immigrants, like all people, just want to work and live in peace. Measure 105 criminalizes these people based on their documentation status. Migration is not a stand-alone phenomenon. Our migrant communities do not want to leave the place their grandparents and those before them have called home for generations, but economic instability and climate change are constantly forcing families to uproot their lives and migrate. We must stand in support of our immigrant communities and stop Measure 105.

“PCEI is more than just a policy on the ballot: it allows us to think beyond what is politically possible. It holds large corporations accountable to the communities they operate in,” says Khanh Pham. The Portland Clean Energy Initiative was put on the ballot by a coalition of people of color led organizations in Portland. It is a great example of how decision making rooted in community organizing allows us to directly participate in democratic process and put forth initiatives that allow us to move towards a just energy transition for low-income earning individuals and people of color. The Portland Clean Energy Initiative invests in renewable energy, energy efficiency projects, and weatherization updates so that the already rising cost of living in Portland can me mediated with lower utility bills through a move towards a more renewable economy, creating job opportunities and making energy efficiency affordable.

Measure 105 and the Portland Clean Energy Initiative show us the interconnection between climate justice and immigrant justice. Many of the people who immigrate to the US are leaving areas wracked by climate change, or because of militarism which is one of the principle causes of climate change. Human beings deserve to move freely to escape flooding, fire, violence, and lack of opportunity.

The campaigns to stop Measure 105 and to win the Portland Clean Energy Initiative (Portland Measure 26-201) will Change the Rules and lead to better outcomes in our community. PCUN and APANO have been at the forefront of these efforts. This is how Portland Clean Energy Initiative ended up on the ballot, how PCUN is organizing against Measure 105, and how both organizations are challenging the opposition’s narrative and mobilizing voters and building power. Check out the full video below.

Join in changing the rules with us! Every phone call you make, door you knock, post you make conversation you have- spread the word on #noon105 and #yeson201. BALLOTS ARE DUE BY 8PM ON NOVEMBER 6TH! This is a crucial time for Portland and Oregon, and it is a movement moment to build power and turn out our people to vote. Check out all of the upcoming campaign events here NO on 105 Campaign  and Portland Clean Energy Initiative. There are several opportunities to get involved between now and November 6th!


Upcoming Events:


PCEI Trick or Vote Canvassing OCTOBER 31ST from 3 -7pm @ Oregon Sierra Club

1821 SE Ankeny St, Portland, OR 97214

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Vote Together, Portland! March to the Ballot Box.


NO on 105: Día de los Muertos Fundraiser at Portland Mercado


NO on 105: WashCo Canvass

Final Push Slate Card Door Drop for Honest Elections & PDX Clean Energy Initiative!


LET’S TACO ABOUT VOTING joint canvass for NO on Measure 105 and Yes on PCEI (26-201) this Sunday, Nov 4th, 10- 2pm and 1-5pm at APANO 2788 SE 82nd Ave #203, Portland, OR 97266.

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Final Push for Honest Elections & PDX Clean Energy Initiative!


Come watch the elections with us!!

NO on 105 Campaign Watch

Portland Clean Energy Initiative Watch Party