Announcing the 2019 – 2020 FLOR Cohort of the Oregon Just Transition Alliance!

Oregon Just Transition Alliance (OJTA) is excited to launch a new initiative to build the new Oregon: Frontline Organizers Risising (FLOR)! This cohort program will select up to 10 organizations to participate in the coming program year.

The program provides:

  1. A $5,000 grant award to selected organizations to participate in one year of program activities
  2. 20 hours of technical assistance provided by Oregon Just Transition Alliance
  3. Leadership to advance Oregon’s Green New Deal in conjunction with statewide partners
  4. Travel opportunities, within Oregon and nationally, to build solidarity among frontline communities

What is the FLOR Cohort?

Oregon is in many ways a microcosm of the United States. That makes us the perfect testing ground for solutions that can be brought to scale across the country, to take our power back from white nationalists, climate polluters, and wealthy special interests to build a just and sustainable Oregon. In our lifetimes, we believe we can achieve a truly community-led vision of environmental justice, climate health, and a solidarity economy.

Behind the polished marketing of Oregon as a mostly-white, environmentally-friendly state, Oregon’s communities of color face many environmental and economic challenges that stem from the fossil fuel economy. Dirty energy projects threaten tribal rights and ancestral lands. Immigrants and refugees, displaced by global conflict and climate change, face harassment for seeking to call this place home. Politicians refuse to stand up to the biggest polluting industries. And low-income people in rural and urban areas are forced to live near pollution hotspots and work in unsafe and unsustainable workplaces.

“Revolutions are made out of love for people and for place.” – Grace Lee Boggs

To build our first FLOR Cohort, OJTA will identify organizations building power at the frontlines of environmental and climate justice across Oregon. Organizations who join the cohort will send two representatives on the Solidarity Listening Tour, where throughout the year cohort members will host daylong learning sessions and Oregon Green New Deal town halls. Together, we will deepen our shared understanding of the impacts of economic inequality, white nationalism, and climate change in Oregon’s backyard. We will document the struggles of our people, and share in beloved communities of resistance. We will build new relationships with key constituencies like faith, labor, and tribal communities. Through this ongoing work, we will collectively develop our vision of what is possible in Oregon by engaging our communities of color, low-income people, and others to advance Oregon’s Green New Deal.

The FLOR Cohort members will be announced soon! For more info, contact khanh@opalpdx.org