Who’s In Charge? Frontline Organizers

Steering  Committee Members 



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The Oregon Just Transition Alliance is led by a Steering Committee. The members of the committee are base-building, frontline groups.

Base-building means “recruiting people to join the movement.” Organizations have come together around the premise that organizing is how we’re going to win the world we need – a world where many worlds fit.

Frontline groups are communities with a long history of marginalization and white supremacist targeting. These communities are at the forefront of the ecological crisis facing our world. A just transition must create racial, social and economic justice.

Groups like these build power and leadership among the people they organize to win community-level victories. Building unity between these groups is how we intend to win a Just Transition for Oregon.

We require groups that are accountable to a significant base – the base must have decision-making power or some degree of autonomy – and have a formal and/or informal institutional framework – a 501(c)(3), or a fiscal sponsor, for example. Decisions of the Steering Committee must be informed by this broad network of highly-impacted, organized people.